Isagenix Whey Thins and Harvest Thins Review: Snack The Healthy Way

Aug 18, 2020 | Reviews

Isagenix Whey Thins and Harvest Thins Review

It’s 3 in the afternoon and you are feeling hungry, but you remember that you are on a weight management program. What do you do? Apparently, most people who are trying to shed off some pounds would prefer skipping snacks, thinking that snacks may only ruin their weight goals.

But the truth is, snacking should be anything but deprivation. And there are lots of snacking alternatives that could not jeopardize your weight goals.

For instance, you can snack on fruits, oats, vegetables, and nuts. These are the common healthy options. But, if you crave for something new, great, and tasty, you can try the Isagenix Whey Thins and Harvest Thins.

What are the Isagenix Whey Thins and Harvest Thins?

These are snacks that are specifically made for people who want to snack without compromising on taste and value. With these bites, you won’t have to worry about skipping your afternoon snacks anymore, as these will help you satisfy your hunger and cravings at the same time!

Isagenix Whey Thins are available in three flavors:

  • Sour Cream & Chive
  • Barbecue
  • White Cheddar

Isagenix Harvest Thins are available in two flavors:

  • Garlic & Herb
  • Thai Sweet Chili

What are the benefits of eating Isagenix Whey Thins and Harvest Thins?

What are the benefits of eating Isagenix Whey Thins and Harvest Thins

Protein-packed snacks – You will get so much taste, satisfaction, and nutrients from these snacks! Packed with high-quality and 100 calories, these bites will surely help you achieve your weight loss goals!

Convenient – For those who are always on the move, these snacks are perfect for you! You can put it in your bag or pocket, and eat it anytime, anywhere!

Cleanse Day-Approved – If you are under an Isagenix weight management program, the Whey Thins and Harvest Thins are your best snack pals. These snacks will surely work just fine and in synergy with other Isagenix Cleanse Day-friendly products.

Supports muscle maintenanceWhey Thins & Harvest Thins aren’t only good in keeping you satisfied, they also help promote better muscle maintenance! This was made possible because of the snacks’ protein, good fat, and carbohydrate content.

What are the key ingredients of Isagenix Whey Thins and Harvest Thins?

  • Pea protein for Harvest Thins
  • Whey protein for Whey Thins

Both snacks contain carbohydrates, energy-boosting carbs, and beneficial fats that will help you boost your weight loss game!

What do people have to say about the Isagenix Whey Thins and Harvest Thins?

What do people have to say about the Isagenix Whey Thins and Harvest Thins

More and more people are loving the results they are getting from eating these snacks! Here are some of their positive reviews about the snacks:

“Wonderful tasting snack for use with the Isagenix weight loss system.” – Joyce Synder

“Love the product. It’s definitely a much healthier alternative than chips or pretzels… high protein and low carb. Great when you need the crunchy snack.” – G.Paul

“Great snacks also the taste is just perfect.” – Ana Regalado

Satisfy your in-between meal cravings with Isagenix Whey Thins and Harvest Thins!

It’s time to ditch snack options made of unhealthy ingredients. Shift to a healthier alternative—the Isagenix Whey Thins and Harvest Thins!

For best results, use with other Isagenix products. You may visit this website to view more products.

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