Isagenix BEA™ Sparkling Energy Drink: A Healthy Energy Fix

Jun 29, 2020 | Blog

Isagenix BEA™ Sparkling Energy Drink A Healthy Energy Fix

It’s not like every day that we get to perform our best.

There are days when we fall short of energy and motivation. And sometimes, in order to move forward, all we need is a little energy boost.

I have always believed that energy drinks are nonsensical—I prefer a glass of water rather than a bottle full of sugars and artificial flavors that may contribute to weight gain. This is the reason why I veer away from the likes of energy drinks, believing it would just do my body more harm than good in the long run.

And then I came across the Isagenix BEA™ Sparkling Energy Drink: an all-organic, healthy energy drink. There were promising reviews about the product, so I went ahead and tried one. And I must say that I’m impressed. 

What’s so unique about the Isagenix BEA™ Sparkling Energy Drink?

Isagenix BEA™ Sparkling Energy Drink

I never thought my energy drinks could be so refreshing until I tried this product. This product is simply amazing, from the taste to the benefits that I’m getting from it. It’s made of highly nutritious ingredients, all derived from fruits, vegetables, and herbs. It also comes in a very fruity flavor that adds a different dimension to my drinking experience.

What are the ingredients of the Isagenix BEA™ Sparkling Energy Drink?

What are the ingredients of the Isagenix BEA™ Sparkling Energy Drink

BEA™ stands for Botanical Energy + Adaptogens. Meaning, all of its ingredients were derived from nature. 

Here’s a list of Isagenix BEA™ Sparkling Energy Drink’s ingredients:

  • 12 essential vitamins such as Vitamins A and C, all derived from fruits and vegetables
  • Adaptogens like ashwagandha, maitake mushrooms, and shiitake
  • Green tea polyphenols and 125 mg of caffeine
  • Stevia, monk fruit, and other natural, sweet ingredients to achieve a fruity flavor

Isagenix BEA™ Sparkling Energy Drink benefits

Long-lasting energy – If you want prolonged energy to keep you on track, this Isagenix energy drink is perfect for you!

Keeps you healthy – Unlike other energy drinks, the Isagenix BEA™ Sparkling Energy Drink does not contain any artificial colors and substances. It’s made up of only the finest natural ingredients to nourish your body.

Perfect for those who are losing weight – The sugar content of this drink is derived from sugar alcohols or polyols that came from fruits such as plums, apples, and cherries. This drink only provides less than a gram of sugar, making it perfectly suitable for those who are trying to lose weight.

Suitable for vegans – Made from organic ingredients, this energy drink is free from gluten, soy, and dairy, too!

Boost your energy the healthy way with this Isagenix vitality drink!

Boost your energy the healthy way with this Isagenix vitality drink!

Thanks to the Isagenix BEA™ Sparkling Energy Drink, now I can be at my best every day! You should experience its wonderful results, too! Order your Isagenix BEA™ Sparkling Energy Drink today! Now available in three flavors: Mango Mimosa, Berry Bellini, and Citrus Sunrise.

If you are on medication, have underlying conditions, or are pregnant, it’s best to consult your physician first before intake.

For more Isagenix wellness products, please visit Isagenix distributor to discover more amazing supplements. 

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